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Think Inside The Box

graphics by neonbliss

25 June
External Services:
  • iconsofbliss@livejournal.com
Welcome to iconsofbliss.

This is the icon and graphics journal of neonbliss

Feel free to add me to see my icon updates.

RULES: They aren't hard to follow, please don't break them.
[x] comment if taking
[x] credit me in keywords (neonbliss NOT iconsofbliss)
[x] do not hotlink! upload to your own server (photobucket or LJpics)
[x] do not archive or display anywhere other than as a userpic on your journal

How to credit the iconmaker in keywords: It's pretty simple: When you want to upload a new userpic/icon there is a section beside the icon to enter your own keywords and comments. All you need to do is put a brief description of the icon (ex. Veronica Mars) and then put by neonbliss either next to the description or below that in the comment section. So it will look like this:

Want to become affiliates? Either leave a comment in my welcome post or drop me an email at neonbliss[at]livejournal[dot]com